Only 16 Hours to Race Day!

Race day is almost here!  Despite being really excited, I barely slept last night.  I kept having dreams where I would wake up and the clock read 5:30AM (transition closes at 5:45AM).  Needless to say, that freaked me out a little bit!  In reality the chances of me sleeping through my alarm are slim to none; adrenaline is already pumping through my veins.

After my somewhat sleepless night and relaxing around my apartment for a bit, I headed out for a quick shake-out bike/run.  I started later on purpose since the supersprint and kids portion of the Chicago Triathlon are being held today.  It was warm out, but nothing crazy.  There was a great breeze going, which I felt when biking south.  Overall my body felt great and I could feel my confidence boost a bit during the bike.  I took it easy and just enjoyed cruising alongside the lake for 30 mins.  After that I threw my running shoes on for a quick 10 minute jog, again keeping the pace slow.  I stretched a bit and rolled out my calves once I was back at my apartment and plan to do some more stretching throughout the day.  I feel rested and ready to go.

The Chicago Triathlon is known for a very large transition area due to the amount of participants.  I’ve read and been told by numerous people that you can expect to see your transition times suffer as a result.  The race is also very crowded, especially the swim start.  I’m fortunate in that I’ve been swimming for mostly my entire life and I played water polo, so a congested open water swim does not really cause me much anxiety.  I’m already prepared to see my transition times slide a bit (and honestly they could be faster to begin with), but I’m hoping for good splits.  If I can finish in 3:10 or under, I will be a very happy camper.  In my head I think I can do better than that, but since it’s my first olympic I’m not positive how my body will react and the large field might have a negative impact on my times as well.  I’m also still a little worried about the heat, so we will see!  Finishing will be awesome, but if I can also get in under that time that would just be icing on the cake and a good starting point for my future goals.

I stopped by the expo after work yesterday, so I am all set to go.


I didn’t spend much time at the expo because holy crowds!  I snagged my stuff, some free shot blocks and coconut water and then I was on my way.  There looked like there was a lot of great gear and activities going on, but I was starving and not in the mood to deal with all the people.  I’m glad I took care of it yesterday, because I can only imagine that it’s going to be even more crowded today.  Plus now I get to spend the remainder of my day relaxing, hydrating, eating and getting my gear packed up.  I’m thinking I might head to the harbor to get some reading in; this sounds like a great way to spend the rest of my Saturday!  I also need to make an emergency trip to Fleet Feet to snag some margarita shot blocks.  I think the extra salt in those bad boys will definitely come in handy tomorrow.

Good luck to anyone else whose doing the Chicago Triathlon tomorrow; see you out there.  i’m ready to rock it!!!

– MB


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